Revamp your sweater. 

The cold season is back,and despite the necessity to keep warm your fashion flame shouldn’t burn out.So let’s open up our closets and pull out the forgoten sweaters .

Sweaters are basically the cardigans(those open sweaters that have buttons,zips,or strings) and the closed ones :The pullovers.

  • Sweaters are pretty much diversed by The neck lines such as the v-neck,turtle neck and the crew neck.
  • The overall designs like the Tank top \sweater vest.the “hot dog “sweater.and rather the sweat shirt.

When buying your sweater I would recommend the Woven fabric.rather than the knitted fabric.owing to the fact that the woven fabric is closely fitting and comfirms the body compared yo the knitted fabric that tends to be elastic and baggy.
To bring out an enviable look .you might wanna try out some of these tips;

  • You can tuck in certain sweaters into the waistband of your the sweat shirt or the sweater vest.
  • Under your sweater you could try out an opposite neck line T-shirt or a shirt complimented by a tie or a bow tie.
  • You could also put on your sweater as an alternative T-shirt especially sweaters made from light finer fabric.

You dont have to be gloomed by the cold days..have some glee trying on your sweater.

Till next time cheers. Cliff.


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